ADTECH delivers responsive and on-time engineering services, effective program management support and innovative logistics solutions to our customerís most challenging needs at competitive price. We combine the expectations of our clients, the talents of our associates and industryís advanced technologies to deliver innovative, yet practical, cost-effective, long-term solutions.

We believe that technical support should help clients improve their efficiency and productivity, and not merely augment their staff. Hence, during each project our consultants maintain close contact with the key people in the client organization by holding frequent meetings to test findings, discussing emerging conclusions and alternatives, and making a persuasive business case for implementing project recommendations.

Systems Engineering

ADTECH applies engineering principles to transform operational needs into system performance parameters using an interactive process of definition, analysis, test and evaluation. This process integrates technical parameters and ensures compatibility of all physical, functional and program interfaces that optimizes the total system definition and design. Our approach to systems engineering benefits clients via a structured, disciplined and documented technical services in the following areas.

Integrated Logistics Support

ADTECH provides comprehensive support and insight into the entire process to include assessing the balance between readiness, operational requirements and support requirements, while improving supply chains. We conduct assessments of integrated logistics support programs and documentation to identify and resolve supportability issues to improve life cycle and system readiness performance. Some of the products of these services include logistics support analyses to determine support requirements, integrated logistics support plans, maintenance concept analyses, and development of training plans. Some of our logistics services include the following:

Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation (T&E) serves as a vital link in the systems engineering process by verifying that a design meets all its requirements. ADTECH has the T&E experience to provide our customers with not only the technical details on a systemís performance, but also the associated technical risks within the system. The following identifies some of our service capabilities.

Program Management

We view program management as a feedback control system using monitoring, evaluating and reporting to control the outcome of multiple projects within a program. ADTECH has the expertise to present quality results in the form of special reports, white papers, and decision papers for investigating the feasibility of alternative ideas, analyzing and determining solutions to problems, or developing specifications for new requirements. Through careful organization, coordination and management of all project elements and requirements, we can ensure that a program mission is kept on schedule and on track.

Our approach to program management is based on a proven method that embraces the dynamics of change to reduce cost, streamline efficiency, and mitigate operational risks. Our approach includes participation in management planning and reviews, development of acquisition documentation, and analysis of contractor data. We perform a variety of management support functions that include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Configuration Management

Senior associates have supported the configuration management of systems, subsystems, and units by delineating the required documentation, specifications, and drawings necessary to identify configuration items and their baselines. To establish functional and physical requirements, our consultants have participated in technical reviews such as System Design Reviews, Software Specifications Reviews and Critical Design Reviews. We also have extensive experience in the conduct of configuration audits, both functional (to validate satisfactory development) and physical (to verify "as built" conformance) for effective audits and subsequently tracking discrepancies. We can help create an infrastructure to manage versions and control access to documentation, hardware and software design, development, and deployment. As a result we can tailor program requirements and ensure compliance with program needs through our experience offering in the following.

Quality Assurance

ADTECHíS quality assurance solutions ensure that our technical services meet or exceed the needs of our customers at an affordable cost. Our approach to quality assurance emphasizes the delivery of quality services and products through the system engineering design process of the product. Our commitment to consistently deliver high quality products and services is advanced by capitalizing on our collective knowledge and experience through the application of our quality system of policies and procedures. Our total commitment to continuous quality improvement provides the means to optimize efficiency, minimize cost, maximize profitability. Our focus is to incorporate elements of quality management at every level and in every aspect of our operations, as we achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction.

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