ADTECH is a technical services solution provider formed to enable businesses and government agencies to focus on core operations, respond to rapidly changing technologies and reduce expenses associated with business processes and information processing. We offer specialized engineering and management services that provide effective solutions to programmatic issues that help clients improve their efficiency. Specifically, these services include Systems Engineering, Integrated Logistics Support, Program Management, Test and Evaluation, Acquisition Planning, Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, and related technical support.

ADTECH is committed to providing the highest quality, customer-focused consulting services. We firmly understand the importance of getting the job done on time and on budget. With our emphasis on effective application of fundamental management practices such as project integration management, task scoping and time management, we can ensure that projects stay on tract while minimizing the prospects for slippage or setbacks. Thus, we do the job right the first and every time.

One of our most marketable assets is our ability to be a capable partner. ADTECH enters into strategic partnerships to create cost effective and sustainable solutions to complex technical challenges. The team approach provides added assurance that systems and programs meet requirements, accommodate changes in technology, and operate with profound efficiency. The value that we place on these commitments is surpassed only by our desire to be an even stronger and more supportive partner that maximizes synergistic capabilities.

ADTECH applies a systematic method of analysis to selectively identify business opportunities. We then focus on those ventures that provide a high probability for optimizing our technical resources yielding a favorable return on resource investments. This technique further assures that ADTECH continues to deliver a higher standard of service to our customers.

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